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College Colours

Rationale [edit]

In order to promote student participation in the life of the College and also to recognize excellence in academic and co-curricular performance, an award system based on Academic, Achievement and Participation has been established. By participating fully in the life of the College, each student is not only taking the opportunity to develop his talents to the fullest, but is also recognizing his responsibility to work with other students and so assist with the development of a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.

Academic Colours [edit]

Academic Colours are awarded to recongise excellence and endeavour across a range of subjects in Years 7-11. Students are eligible for colours based on the number of Academic Excellence and Academic Endeavour awards they receive for the year. Students receive a certificate, to be awarded at their House Graduation Night, as well as having a letter of congratulations written to their parents. The symbol of Academic Colours is the Open Book. This is embroidered on the pocket of the blazer, with the year that they were awarded Academic Colours being denoted. Students can receive Academic Colours each year in Years 7-11. Different awards apply for Year 12 students.

Achievement Colours [edit]

Achievement Colours are awarded to recognise student excellence in the co-curricular areas of Debating, Performing Arts & Sport offered at the College. A student must be endorsed by the teacher in charge of activities listed.


Achievement Colours in Debating are awarded to students who demonstrate a sustained commitment to the Debating program at Marcellin. The student needs to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Participation in DAV debates during the debating season – two of the three (for Yr 7&8) and three out of five (for Yr 9-12)
  • A high level of participation and attendance at all training sessions prior to each debate, working with the teacher and team mates to ensure that he makes a positive contribution to the success of the team
  • Demonstrated high standards in preparing for and arguing debates against other schools, while upholding Marcellin values of fairness and integrity
  • Willingness to step in as a reserve at short notice should a team be short of participants

Students will be eligible for Debating Achievement Colors after being endorsed by the teacher in charge of Debating.

Performing Arts

Music colours will be allocated to a student that has made an outstanding contribution to at least one major College Music Ensemble for a minimum of two years and has demonstrated a very high level of personal musicianship. The potential student will have also shown exemplary cooperation with fellow musicians and the ensemble director, outstanding preparation for rehearsals and performances. Attendance and participation to at least 90% of all rehearsals, camps, community tours and performances is also a minimum requirement.

Drama colours will be allocated to a student that has made an outstanding contribution to the subject of Drama as well as major involvement in a minimum of two College drama/musical productions. Furthermore, the student will contribute and participate in at least 90% of all rehearsals, camps, tours, and performances. A potential student will automatically qualify if they are chosen to be in either Top Class or Top Acts or any other prestigious event that enhances the profile of Performing Arts at the College.

Students will be eligible for Drama and/or Music Achievement Colours in Term 4 of each year after being endorsed by the Performing Arts Coordinator and/or Director of Music.


In granting Sports Achievement Colours, the key consideration will be excellence of performance in the sport. A student will be eligible for nomination for Sports Achievement Colours if the following conditions have been satisfied. The following key criteria will also be taken into account when assessing any nomination. The student needs to have demonstrated the following:

  1. An outstanding commitment to the Marcellin sport program and his chosen sport during his entire time at Marcellin.
  2. Played 75% or more of matches in OPEN ‘A’ teams or the highest available team offered by the College in his sport.
  3. A high level of participation and attendance at all scheduled training sessions, working with the teacher/coach and team mates to ensure that he makes a positive contribution to the success of the team.

Boys who receive AGSV selection in their sport and/or Firsts Rugby state representation will automatically receive Sports Achievement Colours.

Sports Committee Considerations

  • The win: loss ratio of the team
  • The number of colours awarded will be relative to the number of starting players in the sport. Eg Football (22), Tennis (8). Colours would roughly reflect 1/4 of starting players on the field.
  • Criteria 1, 2 & 3 above.

Students will be eligible for Sports Achievement Colours at the end of each AGSV and Rugby season after being endorsed by the teacher in charge or Coach of an Open team. This nomination will be forwarded to the Sports Master for deliberation with the Sports committee.

Participation Colours [edit]

Students must obtain a signature from the staff member in charge of the activity and the following criteria must be met:

  1. Participation in one full year or season of the activity.
  2. Regular attendance at rehearsals/trainings and meetings.
  3. Displaying commitment to other group members.

The staff member reserves the right to decline to sign the activity if the criteria have not been met fully.

  • Student entitled to wear Participation Colours on his blazer – (a blue and gold stripe on the top of the pocket);
  • Awards based on the accumulation of points;
  • 10 points are available for representing the College in any one co-curricula activity listed;
  • Award will be achieved when a student achieves 100 points.

Administration [edit]

College Colours will be administered by the Student Services in conjunction with the Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal (Learning) and Learning Area Heads. Students will be required to submit applications for recognition of their participation in a particular activity and the PA to the Leadership Team will be responsible for maintaining the appropriate records. All Academic, Achievement and/or Participation Colours may be displayed on the College blazer. Students can download an application form from the College website for Academic, Achievement and/or Participation Colours.