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Br. Placidus Resource Centre

Use of the Br. Placidus Resource Centre [edit]

The Resource Centre serves the needs of the whole school community through:

  • providing access to a wide range of resources to support the curriculum;
  • assistance to classroom teachers with the delivery of learning programs for students;
  • tuition in Information Literacy Skills to help students make sense of the world around them;
  • having a well-stocked, relevant and contemporary collection of fiction and non-fiction titles that encourage our students and the broader College community to read widely;
  • provision of a collection of board games for recreation during lunch and recess;
  • being a welcoming place where the members of the school community can meet and share experiences such as with the regular meetings of the Debating and the Homework Clubs, student coaching and private study and for informal staff meetings and gatherings.


Resource Centre Hours [edit]

  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Resources [edit]

  • Fiction books – appeal to a wide range of interests and reading abilities from Manga to contemporary fiction to the Classics. They are available in both print and digital format.
  • Non-fiction books – to support the curriculum and for general interest. There is a large, separate collection of biographical and autobiographical literature. Some titles are available in digital format.
  • Magazines – that appeal to a range of interests.
  • Newspapers – subscriptions to The Age, The Australian, the Herald Sun and Il Globo.
  • Online Databases – access to a range of databases to support learning is available through the Library in McOnline.

Activities in the Resource Centre [edit]

  • Free study time before school, lunchtime, recess and after school with ready wireless access to McOnline and internet.
  • Relax with board and computer games or reading for leisure during lunch and recess. Games will not be issued to students during class times.
  • Homework Club each Tuesday after school from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm.
  • Debating and Public Speaking: Training sessions for these programs are held in the Mezzanine Room at lunchtimes.

Facilities [edit]


  • Wireless network access
  • Photocopying or printing access using student ID card:
    • A4 single-sided B/W – 10c, A4 double-sided B/W – 17.5c. A4 single-sided colour – 20c, A4 double-sided colour – 40c.
    • A3 single-sided B/W – 13c, A3 double-sided B/W – 20c. A3 single-sided colour – 25c, A3 double-sided colour – 45c
    • Booklet formatting is also available in either A5 or A4 sizes.
  • Scanning to email or USB key is cost free. Formats available are: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, XPS & DocuWorks.
  • Card recharging – top up the credit limit on your student card.


Borrowing [edit]

A current student ID card is required when borrowing or renewing resources.

  • Loans: Students may borrow up to six items at a time
  • Loan period for fiction is 3 weeks, and two weeks for non-fiction

Students may reserve resources already on loan, renew borrowed items before the due date and write reviews online.

Overdue Items [edit]

Students are responsible for returning items on time. You may continue to borrow when items are overdue. All overdue notices are sent electronically to the student. Long term overdue notices are sent to the Parent or Guardian. Lost items will be charged for and receipts issued. Refunds will be given when a receipt is produced for found items that are returned to the Library.

Student Conduct & Behaviour in the Resource Centre [edit]

Normal good manners and common courtesy towards one another and to teaching and non-teaching staff are expected at all times. Students who do not adhere to this guideline will be asked to leave the area.

Any student sent from a class to attend the Resource Centre must have a pass issued and signed by the classroom teacher.

Class areas can be booked by teachers for their classes and study areas are reserved for students for quiet private study.

Food and drinks are not permitted in the Resource Centre with the exception of bottled water.

Book Suggestions [edit]

Students are encouraged to suggest resources for purchase to Resource Centre staff.