College Information

General College information for parents, students and staff.

College Programs and Services

Bulletin Boards [edit]

Students or outside interest groups are to secure the approval from the relevant Head of School to make use of the bulletin boards around the College.

  • Approval is also required to put up posters or distribute material. No sticky adhesives, such as tape or glue should be used on Bulletin Boards or walls.
  • There are many notice boards around the College. Attention should be paid to them for up-to-date information relating to announcements, sporting teams, achievements and events.

Careers/Student Program Services [edit]

A College Careers Practitioner provides career and course information and is available to advise students on matters associated with subject selection, requirements for apprenticeships, entry to University or TAFE and tertiary courses and employment opportunities. A well-resourced careers centre with a comprehensive range of careers and course literature is available in the Hermitage building.

Co-curricular Policy [edit]

The Marcellin College Co-Curricular Activity Policy clearly outlines the commitment required from each student in which each parent acknowledged when their son was enrolled into the College. Co-curricular activities (instrumental music & ensembles, sport and academic & creative endeavours) are integral to the curriculum of the College and are important ways in which the gifts of every student can be nurtured and shared. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities to complement their academic program.

In the matter of sport, participation as designated in the College’s timetable, and on other occasions arising from our membership of Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) and Victoria Schools Rugby Union is required as part of the life of the College and integral to the growth and development of our students.

The following sports are provided through our membership of the A.G.S.V. and Victoria Schools Rugby Union:

  • Summer: Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Squash & Golf.
  • Winter: Football, Soccer, Cross-Country, Hockey & Rugby.

Participation according to the relative abilities of each student is mandatory. Students selected for College teams must meet all commitments to these teams – training and performing. On enrolment at Marcellin, students and parents understand that their enrolment involves a commitment to the co-curricular life of the College and in particular school sport.  This commitment is for the entire time the student is at the College and not just the first few years. Therefore, if a student chooses to participate in an activity in the community that is also offered at Marcellin, it is expected that the student will represent Marcellin if required by the College.

In general, all representative sport is played on Saturday, except for the First XI (Soccer) and First XVIII (Football) which play some matches mid-week or on Friday afternoon.

Students are reminded that at such activities College regulations apply and regular misbehaviour which causes teachers to lose confidence in an individual student's sense of self-discipline, may jeopardise that student’s access to these activities.

In the Junior School (Year 7 to 9) if a student would like to trial another sport offered at Marcellin for a season he would be required to apply in writing to the Sportsmaster for consideration prior to the season commencing. Applications for a one year exemption to play an alternative sport may be extended for subsequent season/s following further discussion with the Sportsmaster.

Educational Maintenance Allowance (Students under 16 years of age)[edit]

Parents who are holders of Commonwealth Health Care Cards or Pension Cards are entitled to this allowance. It is paid in two installments — one in February and the other in July. Forms are available from Main Reception.

Food services [edit]

Lunch orders are posted before school in the box at the Canteen near the Functions Room. Students are strongly advised to order their lunches to avoid missing out. Students should line up in an orderly manner. The ladies and supervising staff will naturally expect a high standard of courtesy from all students.

Injury or illness [edit]

In the event of injury or illness, students should report to Student Services for treatment, and the First Aid Officer will record this promptly. Parents will be informed of any injury or illness.

  • Students are not encouraged to stay in Sick Bay for more than one period
  • Parents are contacted if their son is still unwell and are asked to take the student home
  • Students who are sick ask permission from their teacher to go to the Student Services

Music Program [edit]

There are three components in the Marcellin music program: classroom music, participation in music ensembles and private instrumental tuition.

Classroom Music:

  • Part of the Year 7 and 8 core curriculum undertaken by all students.
  • All Year 7 students learn an instrument for a full year; and build on this experience in Year 8.
  • Students choose one of three instrumental families: brass (trumpet and trombone), woodwind (clarinet and flute) and strings (violin and cello

Ensemble Music:

  • Students who have a particular interest in music performance are encouraged to join one or more of our string ensembles, bands and choirs.
  • For many Year 7 students, the first step into our ensembles is through the Year 7 Honours Band and Honours String
  • Ensemble open to all Year 7s and beginning in Term 3.
  • There are clear pathways through the ensemble program for students to follow throughout their six years at Marcellin

Private Tuition:

  • For all prospective Year 7 students who are currently learning an instrument you are encouraged to continue your
  • Instrumental tuition at Marcellin and learn from one of our excellent visiting instrumental specialists.
  • For all Year 7 students who discover they have a strong interest in music and wish to take their playing to a higher level.
  • Fees for private music lessons in the private tuition program are additional to normal school fees

Any enquiries are welcome. Call the Music Office on 9851 1577.

Outdoor Education Program [edit]

The program of compulsory Outdoor Education camps is viewed as an integral part of the College’s curriculum at Year 7 through to Year 9. The Outdoor Education program aims to provide our students with enjoyable learning situations to promote aspects of personal development such as self-esteem, resourcefulness, leadership, tolerance, determination and responsibility. They focus on trust, teamwork and co-operation, while developing and encouraging positive attitudes toward environmental appreciation and protection and the encouragement of conservation practices.

It is College policy therefore that each student attends these camps and activities and non-attendance will only be permitted in serious circumstances such as in the case of genuine prolonged illness.

Social Justice [edit]

Social Justice is about respecting the dignity, worth and value of every human person. It acknowledges that human beings have unconditional entitlements to fundamental rights such as the right to life, food, shelter, education, employment and freedom of speech. Social Justice is about living the Gospel values in our daily lives by following the example and teaching of Jesus Christ. Each House takes on a Social Justice issue throughout any given year.

What Can I Do To Work For Social Justice?

  • The College elects Liturgy and House Captains who highlight and organise group activities
  • Be involved in the Social Justice activities at the College sponsored by your House
  • Be part of the House Social Justice issue for the year and suggest ideas and activities
  • Contribute to organisations, primarily Catholic, that work for Social Justice via Ministry
  • You can contribute through donations of money, goods or by giving of your own time through voluntary work
  • Participate in Solidarity Week celebrations, including volunteering or donating items for Marist and Catholic charities

Travel Concessions [edit]

Forms for travel concessions may be obtained at train stations or bus depots. A Student Confession Card allows you to travel seven days a week at all times on trams, trains and buses in the metropolitan area at 50% of an adult two hourly, daily or weekly ticket. It also enables you to purchase your Term or Yearly Student Pass. The student completes the form including signature and photo before presenting it to Student Services for signing and stamping by the College.

Work Experience [edit]

Work Experience programs must be arranged through the Careers Practitioner and the final approval of such is at the discretion of the Principal. It must be remembered that boys cannot attend Work Experience sessions, which are outside the guidelines set out in the Work Experience Act of 1974. Once the Careers Practitioner is informed by the student that he has organized a place of Work Experience, the administrative details are handled by the Careers Practitioner.

Youth Allowance [edit]

Youth Allowance, a Commonwealth Government Scheme, provides assistance to students 16 years of age and over, undertaking approved full-time secondary studies. The scheme, which provides financial assistance to Australian or permanent resident students, is subject to a means test and certain conditions of eligibility.

  • Applicants need to lodge their applications in person at a Centrelink Office
  • A change in circumstances during the year may render ineligible a student who had before been eligible

Further information may be obtained from the Student Counsellors.

  • The College is obliged to inform Youth Allowance about students’ attendance during the year
  • Unsatisfactory attendance may result in the student having to repay amounts received