College Information

General College information for parents, students and staff.

Student Attendance

Marcellin College is a Catholic school in the Marist tradition that encourages students to strive to live Gospel truths and values. Students are required to attend all key religious celebrations, retreat and seminar days organized by the College.

Subject to these Rules, students are required to attend the College from 8:30 am to 3:20 pm (ordinary hours) on each weekday during each term and all classes and other College activities (whether during ordinary hours or not) which are designated as compulsory.

Expectations are placed on student attendance to:

  • Help maintain a high standard of education at Marcellin College
  • Encourage a responsible attitude to class attendance by students, teachers and parents
  • Ensure that students attend class time in order to undertake coursework and complete outcomes and assessment tasks
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to observe students at work, and students’ work, enabling judgment of authentication to be made

The term ‘absent’ shall mean that the student was not present at the scheduled class or College activity.

“School Related Absence” means the student would have been given permission to not attend scheduled classes due to an event.  
Examples of School Related Absences are:

  • Excursions or incursions
  • AGSV Sports
  • SRC/Student Leadership Meeting
  • Preparation for College events such as the College musical, Liturgies, etc.
  • Instrumental Music program
  • Appointments with House Coordinators, Student Counsellors or Head of School, etc.
  • Outdoor Education Camps, Orientation & Retreat programs
  • Community Service – Year 12 and 9
  • Seminar, Emmaus and Reflection Days
  • Inter-House Carnivals


“Non School Related Absence” would occur when a student is absent from class without the approval of the College.  Examples of Non School Related Absences are:

  • Illness
  • Medical or Dental Appointment
  • Family or Personal Reasons
  • Driving Lessons/Tests
  • Absenting from class to complete coursework
  • Truancy
  • Holiday


Medical or Dental Appointments should be made after College hours and the hours of any compulsory activity.  If this is not possible, students should arrange appointments so as to minimize time away from school.  House Coordinators should be notified in writing, if this is necessary. Notes from parents, appointment notices, doctor’s certificates, etc. will be kept as records of non-school related absences and should be presented to Pastoral Leaders on the first day the student return’s to the College.

Years 7 to 10 students [edit]

In any one semester, a student can only miss a maximum of 5 periods in one subject due to Non School Related Absence.A student, who is absent for more than 5 periods in one subject due to Non School Related Absence, will normally receive a letter of concern, which may result in failing that subject or risk being promoted to the next year level at the conclusion of the academic year. 

VCE students [edit]

In any one Unit of work, a student can only miss a maximum of 4 periods due to Non School Related Absence.This ensures students met the minimum VCAA attendance requirement of 90% per unit. A student, who is absent for more than 4 periods in one unit of work due to Non School Related Absence may receive an ‘N’for that unit. The decision to award an N is not subject to appeal to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority by students.

Special Provision [edit]

Absence from the College or study for prolonged periods is not of itself grounds for any form of special provision, unless a student has experienced severe hardship, which may have resulted in the prolonged absence from the College.  In such a case, the student will receive appropriate assistance.  Students apply for Special Provision via the relevant Head of School.

Student Absence Communication [edit]

  1. Teachers will monitor the attendance of students in their classes and pastoral groups.  Student Administration and House Coordinators will maintain records of attendance. The College undertakes to inform students and their parents about attendance issues. The House Coordinators may also decide to hold discussions with the students and their parents.
  2. The College requires parents to contact Student Services by phone on 9851 1500, before 9:00am, when their son is absent from the College. The student on return to the College must present a note and/or a medical certificate to their Pastoral Leader. If a student is absent for two or more consecutive days, parents are requested to notify the relevant House Coordinator and provide a medical certificate. If appropriate, the College will arrange for work to be sent home. 
  3. In addition to the above, medical certificates are required as a minimum for the following key compulsory College events: Champagnat Day, Inter-House Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, Retreat Days, Seminar Days, the Year 11 & 12 Retreat program,Year 10 Community Service, and the Year 7, 8 and 9 Outdoor Education Camps and Orientation programs. Non-attendance without documentation may result in a consequence.
  4. Early dismissal requests for students to leave the College early should be made in writing by the parents and be addressed to the relevant House Coordinator. Students should present this note to the relevant House Coordinator during the morning pastoral period.
  5. Families who are planning a holiday or activity which will disrupt their son’s education, are asked to write to the relevant Head of School seeking permission, a term in advance prior to the intended travel.

Student Absence SMS Responses [edit]

When responding to SMS absence texts please respond using one of the following absence codes.

Absent SMS Codes

Code - Description

DENTISTA - Absent Dentist

DOCTORA - Absent Doctor

ILLNESSA - Absent Illness

ORTHODONTISTA - Absent Orthodontist

PHYSIOA - Absent Physio

SPECIALISTA - Absent Specialist

Late SMS Codes

Code - Description

DENTISTL - Late Dentist appointment

DOCTORL - Late Doctors appointment

ILLNESSL - Late Illness

ORTHODONTISTL - Late Orthodontist

PHYSIOL - Late Physio

SPECIALISTL - Late Specialist

Punctuality [edit]

  1. Students are expected to be punctual for Pastoral, classes and other College activities. Missing a substantial part of a period or activity is considered an absence or truancy and will need to be explained to the relevant House Coordinator.
  2. Students who arrive late to the College during Pastoral or after 9:00am are required to report to the Student Services to receive sign into class. Students who arrive after 9:00am with no documentation will be issued with a Thursday detention.
  3. Students who repeatedly arrive to the College late will receive a range of consequences that may include a House Coordinator’s detention, Saturday detention or suspension. 
  4. If a teacher does not arrive within five minutes of the start of a period, the SRC representative or another responsible student should report this to the Student Services.

Arrival and Departure[edit]

  1. Students who travel to and from school by bus must line up in an orderly manner in the designated area.
  2. Students should come directly to school in the morning and go home directly in the evening. Students should not linger in shops, bus stops, railway stations or elsewhere.
  3. If a student is driven to or collected from College by car, parents are asked to observe all road and parking regulations.
  4. Students are required to remain on campus during scheduled College hours unless permission to leave the grounds is granted by the relevant House Coordinator. Once permission is granted, the student is required to sign-out from Student Reception. Unauthorised leaving of the College is a breach of College regulations.
  5. Students may only leave the classroom with a movement slip.
  6. At the end of the College day or designated afterschool activity, students are asked to leave the College grounds in a civil manner.