College Information

General College information for parents, students and staff.

Arrival and Departure

  1. Students who travel to and from school by bus must line up in an orderly manner in the designated area. Teachers on duty will direct
  2. Students should come directly to school in the morning and go home directly in the evening. Students should not linger in shops, bus stops, railway stations or elsewhere.
  3. If a student is driven to or collected from College by car, parents are asked to observe all road and parking regulations.
  4. Students are required to remain on campus during scheduled College hours unless permission to leave the grounds is granted by the relevant House Coordinator. Once permission is granted, the student is required to sign-out from Student Services. Unauthorised leaving of the College is a breach of College expectations.
  5. Students may only leave the classroom with an exit permit signed by the teacher in the Student Planner.
  6. At the end of the College day or designated afterschool activity, students are asked to leave the College grounds in a civil manner.