College Information

General College information for parents, students and staff.

Bus and Public Transport Travellers

  1. While traveling on buses or trains, normal College expectations regarding behaviour apply. Students are expected to be considerate of the rights of other travellers, to follow the driver’s instructions at all times and to board and alight from their chosen transport only at designated stops (ie: bus stop).
  2. Because of the numbers and time required, students awaiting to board or leaving buses must accept the directions of the teacher on duty.
  3. The Department of Transport sets specific guidelines in relation to eligibility to travel, and behaviour on buses and trains. Behaviours that are a nuisance, offensive, destructive and/or dangerous to a member of the Marcellin community and/or the general public will be treated very seriously, which may result in a consequence that could include permanent removal of their travel privilege and/or police prosecution.
  4. Marcellin College supports the National Bus Companies right to uphold their regulations