College Information

General College information for parents, students and staff.

Use of College ICT Resources

  1. Considerable ICT resources are provided for student use at the College. Students are expected to use and access these resources responsibly. Use of these resources is expected to be in line with student Expectations of the College and the ICT Policy.
  2. Use of such resources is for educational purposes only. ICT resources include, but are not limited to, computers/laptops, peripherals, network, electronic databases, access to the Internet, use of the school intranet, software, audio visual material and student accounts providing access to many of these resources including email, social media, electronic communications and storage facilities.
  3. Students are provided with a College owned laptop/notebook. Students and their families should note the conditions of use and return the equipment in good condition and working order. Details of these conditions are outlined in the documentation that accompanies the computer when it is issued and copies are stored on the College website. All documents relevant to the appropriate use of ICT resources at Marcellin can be found on the Learning Technologies page of the College website.
  4. Students are expected to be aware of their responsibilities as a safe and ethical digital citizen and should seek assistance from relevant staff if they are unsure. In order to protect the security and integrity of College ICT resources and to protect all users, student accounts, internet use, laptops, USBs and other storage devices may be checked without warning for inappropriate materials.
  5. Students have a responsibility to have an understanding of the College's Positive Relationship Policy, ICT Policy, and the Privacy Act.
  6. Breaches of the ICT Policy will result in appropriate sanctions or restorative actions by the school - examples include - ICT restrictions, removal of ICT privileges, detention, conferences with parents, referral to appropriate College leaders, and where appropriate remedies consistent with Levels 4 & 5 offences as suggested in the Student Management & Expectations guidelines.