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Student Progress and Promotion Policy

Preamble [edit]

Learning is the central activity for students at Marcellin College. All students have a responsibility to promote effective learning, for themselves and their classmates. Student motivation, background knowledge and skills are crucial ingredients for success in studies. While motivation is ideally intrinsic, at times extrinsic motivation can assist students to be more conscientious and to form good work habits. As such, promotion from one year level to the next is not automatic at Marcellin College. In cases where performance is problematic, the student’s progress is monitored initially by the Student Progress Committee. This policy aims to:
Promote individual excellence in learning.
Motivate students to make the most of their learning opportunities.
Ensure that students are adequately prepared to undertake their selected course of studies.
Assist students to enrol in a program of studies to which they are suited.

Satisfactory completion at each year level [edit]

In order for a student to satisfactorily complete each year level, it is expected that he would have attained the necessary fundamental skills and knowledge in all Learning Areas. 

In order for promotion into Year 8 a student is normally expected to gain a satisfactory* overall result in at least 7 subjects per semester, including English, Mathematics and Explore.

In order for promotion into Year 9, 10 and 11 a student is normally expected to gain a satisfactory* overall result in at least 7 subjects per semester, including English, Mathematics and Religious Education.

Please note that in Year 7, 8 & 9 students need to complete the Outdoor Education program and in Year 10 the Work Experience & Community Service programs in order to be promoted.

In order for a Year 11 student to be promoted to Year 12, it is normally expected that he gain a satisfactory overall result in at least 10 Units, including 2 Units of English and 2 Units of Religious Education.

As well as all VCE & VCAL requirements as outlined on page 37, Year 12 students are required to satisfactorily complete their Year 12 Community Service, Seminar and Retreat programs if they wish to graduate from the College.

Communication [edit]

Students and parents receive formal feedback via Interim and Semester Reports on academic progress at four stages throughout the year. Teacher feedback is also provided at two designated Parent Teacher Interviews.

Students will be monitored by the Student Progress Committee under the following circumstances:

  • when there is an ongoing trend of a student working well below capacity across a range of subjects;
  • when the trend of the mid-year report indicates consistent non-completion of work in a significant number of subjects;
  • when the trend of the mid-year report indicates a consistent low level of performance in a significant number of subjects where the student’s application to his studies in class is below standard;
  • when, following subject preferences, there is serious concern that the student should not be enrolled in a subject due to his under-performing in this or a related subject without apparent cause.

Student progress is initially managed by the Student Progress Committee via a formal interview and then monitored at various intervals throughout the year by the Student Support Group, consisting of the student’s Pastoral Leader, House Coordinator, and where relevant a Head of School, Student Counsellor, Careers Practitioner and/or Marian House Aides. It should be noted that the monitoring of student progress does not replace normal processes such as those used by House Coordinators, Pastoral Leaders and Subject Teachers to encourage and support students in their learning.

Accelerated Learning Program [edit]

The College considers the participation in the Accelerated Learning Program a privilege and is open to students who display overall academic excellence based on prescribed criteria. Participation in further Accelerated Learning Program is not automatic, but subject to approval by the relevant Learning Area Coordinator and relevant House Coordinator.

Special Provision [edit]

Special provision arrangements are outlined under the Attendance Policy (Point 6) found in the Expectations of the College section of this digital planner.

Decisions on promotion, in addition to academic performance, also include adherence to the College’s Attendance Policy and Student Code of Conduct expectations. Decision regarding promotion will be at the discretion of the Assistant Principal – Learning and the relevant Head of School in consultation with relevant Student Progress panel members. The final decision regarding promotion rests with the College’s Deputy Principal.

* In subject areas reporting to Federal Compliance requirements a ‘C’ in all reporting dimensions is considered a satisfactory result.