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Homework and Study Guidelines

Preamble [edit]

Marcellin College values the importance of homework and study. In line with the College’s mission we seek to provide a learning environment that is comprehensive, inclusive and responsive to the individual needs of the students in our care. Homework and Study is very important as it builds responsibility and reinforces the concepts that are taught in class. Homework and Study is not new learning but practice of already introduced skills. Homework and Study provides students with the opportunity to develop skills which complement those learnt in the classroom.1

What is the Purpose for Homework and Study? [edit]

Homework and Study is a valuable part of schooling. It allows for the practising, extending and consolidating of work done in class. Homework and Study provides training for students in planning and organising their time and provides parents with insight into what is being taught in the classroom. Homework and Study is most beneficial when it:

  1. Reinforces and extends coursework and consolidates essential skills, concepts and knowledge.
  2. Extends and challenges the students
  3. Clearly supports the subject’s high expectations and an increase in rigour and standards
  4. Provides opportunity for critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication
  5. Has clear and relevant purpose
  6. Is well coordinated and teacher expectations are well communicated.
  7. It is set on a regular basis and establishes a routine of home study.
  8. Is checked by the teacher and feedback provided
  9. Takes into account student home responsibilities and co-curricular activities such as clubs, sport and part-time employment.

What is the Role of Parents? [edit]

Parents can support their children by encouraging them to take an increasing responsibility for their learning and organisation. Study and homework allows parents to build a positive partnership with their children. This partnership allows parents to determine a balance between school commitments and co-curricular activities such as sport, tutorials, clubs and family activities. Parents can also support their children by providing a positive environment to study and encourage them to set aside a regular daily session to read and complete set homework.

Three Main Types of Homework and Study that Can Be Assigned [edit]

  1. Practice exercises: providing students with the opportunities to apply new knowledge, or review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills.


  • Providing prompt questions or tasks, including scope for differentiation
  • Consolidation exercises
  • Collaborating and/or communicating with peers via digital media to explore concepts, ask and answer inquiry based questions
  • Contribute to a digital portfolio
  • Revising information about a current topic
  • Practising words or phrases learnt in a language other than English
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Writing tasks in the style and structure expected in their particular subject
  • Completing work started in class
  1. Preparatory homework and Study: providing opportunities for students to gain background information on a unit of study so that they are better prepared for future lessons.

Examples of Preparatory Work:

  • Background reading
  • Revision for upcoming test, outcomes or exams
  • Research of topics for a class unit of coursework

Examples of Study:

  • Read and revise notes
  • Annotate theory
  • Produce summaries
  • Research & practice exam questions
  1. Extension Activities: encourage students to pursue knowledge individually and imaginatively.


  • Investigation and project based activities
  • Information acquisition and retrieval skills

Students would normally be expected to spend the following minimum times for Homework and Study:

Year LevelHours per day after schoolHours on the Weekend
81 1/41 1/2
91 1/22
102 to 34
112 to 3 1/24 to 5
123 - 45 to 7

1 Source: 2005 Victorian Department of Education and Training Homework guidelines