College Information

General College information for parents, students and staff.

House System

The College provides a comprehensive pastoral program, which supports our boys as they enter and until they exit the College. Each student belongs to a House for their duration at the College. There are nine Houses in total, each with six Pastoral groups. Student care and wellbeing is supported primarily by a Pastoral Leader and House Coordinator, as well as two Heads of School, Transition Coordinator, Careers Practitioner, VCAL Coordinator, Student Counsellors and the Deputy Principal.

Augustine (Maroon) [edit]

Br. Augustine was one of three family members who became Marist Brothers, volunteering in 1941 to teach in the North Solomon Islands. When the Japanese invaded in 1942, Br. Augustine was captured, along with two other brothers and taken away on a ship, never to be heard of again. There are three headstones situated in a number of cemeteries that recall the memory of the three brothers and the sacrifice they made for the mission entrusted to them.

Carnie (Purple) [edit]

Fr. John Carnie was College Chaplain from 1985 to 2010. He led through presence, listening and compassion and was a positive example to all he met.  Fr John was everyone’s best friend. He had the knack of making everyone feel loved and important because he developed real relationships. He took the time to get to know each student by name and really listened with genuine interest and concern for both students and their families.

Champagnat (White) [edit]

Marcellin Champagnat was the founder of Marist education. God chose him as an educator to bring hope and the message of Jesus’ love to children and youth in France of his day. He had a devotion to the Blessed Virgin and along with another seminarian, started the Marist order under the patronage of the Mother of God.

Faulkner (Gold) [edit]

Brother Patrick Faulkner was the first Marist Brother from this provence to go overseas as a missionary. Br. Faulkner worked as a missionary for nearly 40 years in the Soloman islands, New Guinea and Pakistan. Br. Faulkner was a Marist Brother for over 70 years.

Kenny (Red) [edit]

In February 1950, Marcellin College opened with 107 students. Brother Nilus Kenny was the first Director (Principal) of the College from 1950 until 1954. In these few short years, Brother Nilus had established an excellent spirit of study and what was particularly noticeable to all, a fine Christian politeness.

Lavalla (Blue) [edit]

Parish name of St. Marcellin Champagnat. Marcellin was sent as curate to the parish of La Valla. It was here he brought together his first disciples.
The congregation of the Marist Brothers was born in poverty, humility and total trust in God under Mary’s protection.

Mannes (Grey) [edit]

Brother Sylvester Mannes was a man like Marcellin, dedicated to educating young men. His great devotion to our Blessed Lady inspired him in his role as first Principal at the Bulleen campus.

Marlhes (Green) [edit]

Birth place of St. Marcellin Champagnat in France. The Church in Marlhes holds the remains of two other saints, St. Francis Regis and St. Anthony of Padua. In 1955, Marist students from all over the world donated enough money to build a chapel in honour of St. Marcellin.

Redden (Orange) [edit]

Brother Placidus Redden was the first Southern Province provincial of the Marist Order. He was responsible for opening and improving many schools. A number of schools, including Marcellin, have named their resource centres after him. Marcellin also commemorates him in Redden House.

Communication protocols for parents & students [edit]

To best support student needs below we have outlined the protocols for parent and student communication in relation to student learning and wellbeing concerns:

Student Counsellors [edit]

To assist the educational, social and emotional needs of students the College provides Student Counsellors. Counsellors offer guidance and assistance to students and as necessary to families and complement the work of Pastoral Leaders and House Coordinators. The aim is to foster self-esteem, resilience and confidence in students. Pastoral care for students is given a high priority at Marcellin College. Teachers, and especially Pastoral Leaders, House Coordinators, the Heads of School and Deputy Principal are also available for consultation.