College Information

General College information for parents, students and staff.

General Information

Bicycles to the College [edit]

Students riding bicycles to the College are legally required to wear a helmet. Provision at the College is made for the storing of bicycles and all bikes are to be placed behind the Hermitage Building in the provided bike rack. It is the student's responsibility to provide an appropriate lock. Vandalism or lost bicycles should be reported as soon as possible to the relevant House Coordinator or the Police. The riding of bikes, roller blading and skateboarding is not permitted in the College grounds during the day or before and after school.

Change of Address [edit]

It is imperative that the College be able to contact parents at all times, particularly in cases of emergency.

  • Parents have access to their personal information through the College's database, Synergetic. It is here that we ask all parents to update any details such as telephone numbers, change of address, etc.
  • A change of name or surname can be made only if documentary evidence (e.g. deed-poll, marriage certificate, etc) is provided

Entering & Leaving the Classroom [edit]

All students must remain outside of the classroom until the teacher arrives. Each class should line up in an orderly manner and enter into the room quietly. Upon entering, students are expected to stand behind their desk until they are greeted by the teacher and then are invited to be seated by the teacher.

Excursions [edit]

Excursions are a regular feature of the College's educational program. Parents are notified of excursions in writing and are asked to complete the Permission Form, and student medical details which are attached to the excursion information.

Exit Procedure [edit]

Students/parents need to inform the relevant Head of School regarding any permanent withdrawals from the College one term prior to the anticipated leaving date. A parent meeting needs to be held during this time in order to complete all relevant documentation, exit forms, account settlement and information on new school/work arrangements.

Liquid Paper/Correction Fluid/Permanent Markers [edit]

Liquid paper/correction fluid and permanent markers are banned from use at the College. Under no circumstances should students have liquid paper/correction fluid or permanent markers in their possession at the College. These prohibited items will be confiscated and, if repeat offences occur, a student may be issued with a detention.

Litter [edit]

Students are encouraged to take pride in their surroundings and to care for the environment. Consequently, we expect students to be responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of their classrooms, the Canteen, recreational areas and the College environment.

The College provides both general waste bins along with recycling bins for paper.

Lockers [edit]

Each student is assigned a locker at the beginning of the College year. Lockers are to be kept neat and tidy at all times. The locker is to be locked at all times except when books, equipment or materials are being deposited or removed. Lockers are not to be shared or exchanged without the permission of the relevant House Coordinator. Lockers remain the property of the College and can be searched at any time.

Lost and Found Property [edit]

Articles found on the College grounds are to be handed in to Student Services. Lost articles should be reported to the same office. All lost property is held at this office. All labelled clothing or books will be returned to the student.

Messages to Students [edit]

Parents are requested not to seek communication with their son during school hours except in the case of an emergency or a very urgent and important matter. In these instances contact should be made with Student Services.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences [edit]

Parent /Student/Teacher conferences will be held at regular intervals throughout the academic calendar to discuss a student's progress. Parents are asked to nominate an appointment time using the online portal provided in a letter prior to the evening. Parents who are concerned about their son's progress are encouraged to contact the relevant Pastoral Leader or House Coordinator at any time.

Parents who drive Students to the College [edit]

Those who enter via Bulleen Road are asked to drop students only at the designated bus stop area, at the round about.

Those who approach via Sandra Street are particularly requested not to enter the College roadway, but to "set down” in Sandra Street and to continue on to the end of Sandra Street. This will avoid the danger of congestion at the College entrance.

Phone [edit]

A phone is available at Student Services for student use in the event of emergency.

Recreation Areas & Out-of-Bounds [edit]

Students are expected to observe the following. At lunch & recess students have access to the following areas:

Active areas (Non-contact ball sports):
  • Under St. Marcellin's Hall & adjoining half basketball courts and large grass area
  • Le Rosey Downball courts
  • Quadrangle Downball courts
  • Bray Oval (lunch only)
Passive areas (No Ball sports):
  • Quadrangle seating
  • Le Rosey & Montagne shade & seating areas
  • Around Champagnat Chapel
  • Area between Br. Placidus Centre & the Fourviere
    School of Visual Arts

Out of Bounds Areas:
(No student access or thoroughfare)

  1. All Ovals & Fields during Recess
  2. Entire surrounds of Marist House
  3. Entire Lyons Oval and Gartner fields, including the two coaches boxes, around Sylvester Drive and College driveway from the staff car park onwards
  4. Behind tree line on school boundaries (i.e. students should be visible at all times), including tree line on Bray Oval
  5. ALL areas behind the Hermitage building
  6. Surrounds of MPAC/Functions Room including back steps and entire College drive & staff car park
  7. Ground Floor of the Br. Placidus Centre
  8. All classrooms and buildings (i.e. Br. Placidus Centre, Fourviere School of Visual Arts and Hermitage Building) at lunchtime and recess
  9. Bus shelters and island, centre of College Drive

Students should follow the directions of the supervising teacher. Refusal to accept direction is referred to the House Coordinator and/or Pastoral Leader.

Restricted Areas [edit]

  • Students are not allowed to enter staffrooms or offices unless permitted by a member of staff. Students should knock quietly on the door and wait for a teacher
  • Students are not permitted in College car parks at any time; this includes arrival and departure from the College. The main car park area should only be used as a thoroughfare throughout the day
  • Students are normally not permitted in classroom buildings during recess and luncheon breaks; unless an arrangement has been made with a member of staff or a wet weather day has been declared

School Bags [edit]

Each student is expected to place his school bag in his allocated locker. This means that school bags will not be taken into classrooms and that bags will not be carried during recess and lunch. Student/s found carrying a bag may be placed on a one hour detention.

Student Functions [edit]

Socials and Formals are organised by the College for the enjoyment of students and staff. Normally only those students enrolled at the College can be provided for. A dress code will be provided for each occasion. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at College functions, with the only exception being at the Valedictory dinner when parent supervision is required. Serious consequences follow if any participant is found in possession of alcohol or under the influence of alcohol. Smoking is not permitted.

Student ID Cards [edit]

A student ID card is issued to each student but remains the property of the College.

  • It identifies the student as a currently enrolled member of Marcellin College
  • Students are to carry their student ID cards with them at the College and any College events off site at all times
  • The student ID card must be shown or surrendered to any member of the Marcellin College staff who requests it
  • A lost card should be reported to the relevant Student Services and the student will be requested to pay for a new card
  • Students must bring their student ID Card to all College and VCAA examinations

Students Out of Class [edit]

Any student out of class must have permission from his subject teacher by having an 'out of class' permission card.

Visitors/Parent Access [edit]

All visitors or parents are requested to report to the Main College Reception. The Main College Reception is open from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm. Office staff can assist with all general queries relating to school dates, times, uniforms, etc. Queries about the payment of fees or other payments should be directed to the Accounts Office in Marist House.

  • All visitors or parents to the College must obtain a visitors pass from reception prior to preceding any further
  • Students are not to have friends visit them at the College
  • Current students only require a visitor's pass once they have concluded their time at the college