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Marist Awards

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1. Term 1 2014 [edit]

Term 1 2014 [edit]

StudentStudent SurnameDetailsYear LevelStudent TutorStudent House DescriptionStudent Head Of House
MichaelStavrakakisMichael demonstrated all the Marist qualities when offering to stay during the afternoon Swimming Carnival session to assist with marshalling the junior boys.  He is to be commended upon his helpful atitude and the initiative he took to assist the House on this day.12CHA_05ChampagnatPauline Bellofiore
CharlesDunnachieCharles has accepted the responsibility to present a session at the year 12 retreat and in pastoral for a Student Welfare Program for our pastoral group.

In all situations, Charles succeeded with great ability and effectiveness which is further evidence of his genuine leadership skills.
12MAR_03MarlhesJoshua Di Pietro
NicholasFrangolisFor following the Marist value of "In the Way of Mary" by assisting a staff member when seeing an opportunity to assist and giving up his own time.10AUG_05AugustineDavid Brick
BlakeSilverFor the support of a fellow pastoral member. Whenever there are issues he calms the situations very well8MAR_01MarlhesJoshua Di Pietro