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Student Code of Conduct

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Every student of Marcellin College is a member of a community dedicated to his care. Each member of this community has both rights and responsibilities.


It is the right of each student to work in a safe, secure and enjoyable learning environment where:

  • All members of a Marist Community feel welcome, valued and safe,
  • Access to a wide range of academic, social and co-curricular opportunities are provided,
  • The environment is conducive to effective learning and teaching,
  • Their possessions and the property of the College are respected, and
  • Freedom of thought and belief as well as individual differences are respected.


It is the responsibility of each student:

  • To contribute to a welcoming, caring and supportive environment by showing consideration for each other and ensuring their words and actions cause no harm to others by maintaining a College environment free of discrimination and harassment in all its forms.
  • To not interfere with the education opportunities of others and to acknowledge their right to participate in a full range of College activities.
  • To contribute to a secure, clean and pleasant environment by acting in ways which look after their own, other people‚Äôs and College property.
  • To contribute to a conducive and effective learning environment in the classroom by following instructions and respecting classroom rules and expectations.
  • To contribute to a safe, orderly environment by moving and acting in a manner that is not disruptive or unsafe to themselves or others.
  • To take pride in their College by wearing the College uniform correctly and acting in a manner that reflects well on themselves, their families and the College.
  • To attend regularly, be on time for classes and other College activities and be properly prepared.


All students must conduct themselves in such a way that they are at all times a credit to themselves, their families and Marcellin College. Students are to behave in an orderly manner and to be courteous to, and show consideration for, staff and other students at all times.

  • Any breach of good manners, courtesy or common sense is a breach of College expectations. The general manner in which students address one another and staff should reflect dignity and respect, thus building and developing right relationships.
  • All students are expected to conduct themselves in class in a manner that fosters others to learn and grow.
  • No student shall take any action or make comment to any other that is discriminatory or derogatory on the basis of race, sex, nationality, appearance, background or religion. Discrimination and harassment in any form, including bullying or fighting, is forbidden.
  • Students are expected to behave in a courteous and considerate manner at all times when in public and when travelling to and from the College by bus or other transport. Students must use traffic lights and pedestrian crossings when they are available.
  • Material of an offensive or objectionable nature is not to be brought to the College. Use of skateboards, rollerblades, etc on College grounds is not permitted. Students can store their bike in the College bike rack.
  • The possession of gum (including the chewing of gum), ink markers and liquid paper is forbidden while at the College, while attending any College activity or while wearing the College uniform at any time or place.
  • The presence of illicit or illegal drugs or alcohol on the College premises is absolutely forbidden. The taking or provision to another of illicit or illegal drugs or alcohol either on the College premises or off the College premises is absolutely forbidden.
  • Students are forbidden to drink alcohol or to smoke any tobacco product while at the College, while at any College activity/event or while wearing the College uniform or on casual days at any time or place.
  • The carrying or use of weapons or dangerous devices such as flares, lasers and cigarette lighters is strictly forbidden.

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